Violence penetrates every segment of life: our houses of worship, our schools, our malls, theaters, our homes --
ALL have been deeply affected by acts of senseless violence.

Our country - and world - is in a season of violence. The Sheepdog Seminars are a response to violence. The sheepdog loves the sheep, and is aware of the wolf that preys upon the sheep. Motivated by love, the sheepdog is driven to defend the sheep. It is our desire to build a community of leaders who believe they are “called” to protect others. 


In view of the escalation of violence at churches, and the ever-present threat of violence in all of society, we have set our eyes upon going into every state in 2016 and 2017 with the Sheepdog Message.
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Join Colorado Springs New Life Church Pastor Brady Boyd, Church Safety Experts Carl Chinn and Chuck Chadwick, and other experts at the 11th Annual National Church Security Conference this August 7 - 8. The conference will address other relevant topics: 

  • Dept. of Homeland Security will speak on current threats
  • New Life Church Security Director, Jeff Kowell, speaks on church security teams - an integrated example of a multi-tiered team (armed and unarmed).
  • And much more.
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"We attended the Mount Vernon, IL seminar (SHEEPDOG SEMINAR)...I can't think of a more timely or relevant topic for our houses of worship. This seminar is full of life saving information. All of the speakers were riveting." - mt vernon, illinois attendee

Church safety kit

Jimmy Meeks, 34 year police officer and minister for 40 years, presents a detailed explanation in this 2 hour DVD presentation on WHY we should be concerned about the need for safety based upon scripture and WHAT kind of plan we can initiate to increase the safety factor for our congregations. Getting started is the most difficult part and Jimmy will give you step by step instructions on doing just that.

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What is a sheepdog?

Do you not find it a bit interesting that one
of the very first orders God gave to man
was to act as a Sheepdog?

When you consider the fact that many of us refer to ourselves as "Sheepdogs," it is very encouraging to know WHY we are so drawn to that term. The reason is simple, yet astounding: It is a reflection of the Nature of The Almighty that resides within us! 
Think about this and you'll start shouting!

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We are looking for host locations in: Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C., Miami.  If interested, contact us.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman talks about why YOU should become a sheepdog and receive the training needed to protect your community.