Violence penetrates every segment of life: our houses of worship, our schools, our malls, theaters, our homes -- ALL have been deeply affected by acts of senseless violence.

Our country - and world - is in a season of violence. The Sheepdog Seminars are a response to violence. The sheepdog loves the sheep, and is aware of the wolf that preys upon the sheep. Motivated by love, the sheepdog is driven to defend the sheep. It is our desire to build a community of leaders who believe they are “called” to protect others.

Please read this important message about our seminars.

Some of us sheepdogs had been trying for three years to convince our Pastor to let us start a safety team at our church... Thanks to you and Carl, his eyes are wide open now. We’ve already started putting together out team... - Charleston Sheepdog Seminar attendee



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Never before have I heard God speak to me than in the way he did at the Sheepdog seminar.
— Sheepdog Seminar Attendee