Pennsylvania pastor charged with impregnating 15-year-old girl from his youth group. Suspect is a youth pastor. Church leaders immediately fired him, a 35-year-old father of five, and alerted police. He was charged Oct. 6 on hundreds of counts of statutory sexual assault and indecent assault. Read Story

Illinois: A failed car-jacking in a South Peoria church parking lot Sunday night left a 64-year-old church elder with bullet wounds to his leg. The victim was shot three times in the leg while attempting to enter his car in the parking lot of Holy Temple Church of God in ChristChurch elder shot in leg after services Sunday night. Read Story


"I was really hooked on the seminar and remained engaged throughout. I would attend again in a heartbeat."     - Sheepdog Seminar Attendee

"I attended the seminar in Fort Wayne, Indiana today. After 23 years in law-enforcement, this is the first seminar/training I have sat through and not had to fight to stay awake." - Sheepdog Seminar Attendee


How much hate must be in your heart that you would set fire to a church? This happened a few days ago at a church in Florida. Click on the image to go to the site to watch the video.

  • NEWS: Professing Muslim shoots up three churches - read story.

  • man growls in church, then tears things up. Ready Story


"At some point there is going to be a terrorist diaspora out of Syria like we've never seen before..." (said by FBI Director James Comey.) This same article goes on to say: "The FBI director's warning that the collapse of the caliphate will mean increased attacks in Western Europe and the United States mirrors a consensus among intelligence officials." Read Article


"Incredible seminar! I left with over 8 pages of typed notes and a dead laptop battery." -  Seminar Attendee

ATTENTION POLICE: Join Col. Grossman, the dallas police department choir, and a lot of cops for "cop church" on tuesday, november 15. we will meet at wedgwood baptist church in ft. worth, texas. service starts at 6:30 p.m.


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"This was the best I have ever attended, and I have been to many, having served (as a police officer) for 28 years...  The three of you guys were just incredible.  On a personal level, each presenter made me more proud of my profession than I have ever been and I am certain that the active duty police officers in attendance felt the much the same.  Meanwhile, the method in which the information was delivered was a form of artwork and truly amazing."  - Cincinnati Sheepdog Seminar Attendee

"Never in such a short time have I been moved to tears, laughed so hard, and prayed so fervently as I did today."  (Cincinnati Seminar Attendee)

VIDEO - Channel 12, WKRC (Cincinnati) did a story on Sheepdog Seminars. Click to play

We commend Pastor Brady Boyd of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO for his recent comments about security in churches: “I love the people that I pastor, I want to protect them." (read article)


"Our places of worship and their congregations are especially vulnerable to be targeted by these horrific acts." 

- Katrina Berger (February 8, 2016) 

The quote to the right is from a Homeland Security Special Agent, documented by television station NBC5, Dallas.


THIS THREAT IS R-E-A-L. We have now documented over 622 violent deaths on church and faith based property since 1999. In addition, thousands of sex crimes have occurred on church and faith-based property. We beg you, we plead with you - in tears - for the sake of your precious flock, do something before the enemy strikes your people. Do not fall prey to the mentality of the people in Amos's day, who said: "Nothing bad will happen to us." (Amos 9:10)

  • PHOTO: CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE - Hundreds of people attended the Chattanooga Sheepdog Seminar, including over 70 police officers from across Tennessee and Georgia. Thanks to Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers Executive Director Paul Lee, the seminar was a huge success. 

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FLORIDA PASTOR WHO ATTENDED SHEEPDOG SEMINAR SAYS: " opened up my eyes...we are not equipped to handle situations that we could find ourselves in. Thank you for your training and your information and showing us and reminding me as a pastor I am the Shepherd of the flock and I am the one who is to keep it safe the best that I can, thank you..." 


"Some of us...had been trying for three years to convince our Pastor to let us start a safety team at our church... Thanks to you and Carl, his eyes are wide open now. We've already started putting together our team." (Seminar Attendee)


Recently we conducted a Sheepdog Seminar in Alabama. We are grateful to a local TV Station, WKRG, for doing a story on violence at houses of worship. The coverage was in two parts. Click here for Part One - Click here for Part Two