"Fight for your wives, your daughters..."


As a father of several daughters and granddaughters, I am deeply concerned about violence against women...

Here at Sheepdog Seminars we want to help as much as we can.

 Domestic Violence has been a steady topic the last few years - and rightly so. We will post articles that will be of assistance to women who are in abusive relationships. We plead with you to give considerate thought to what we say...


We have conducted many safety seminars for women in church settings. We have constantly pleaded with churches to initiate programs aimed at keeping their ladies safe. If you would like to host a Women's Safety Program in the DFW (we do not charge), please text "women safety" 817.437.9693. We will return your call and discuss the arrangements. We will also show you how you can help local battered women's shelters. We ask attendees of the seminar to bring items that can be used at the shelter. (click here to see list of items needed by shelters)


Did you know our sisters in Christ are being abducted, raped, forced into conversion and marriage, and even sold into sexual slavery?

International Christian Concern is working to help women who are treated in such degrading ways.

Though this happens to women everywhere, in some countries Christians are particularly targeted for their faith and because they are not protected by governments who view Christians as second and third class citizens. This is especially true in Islamic-dominated countries where Christians have few rights and are generally left vulnerable and defenseless by local authorities who bow to Muslim pressure.

With your help, I.C.C. will work to rescue these women (many of whom are only girls) from their captors, to provide them with places of refuge to protect them from these types of crimes, to assist them with job training to get them back on their feet, and to provide them with any support we can.