" two days of my life." (attendee from our 2-Day seminar in Iowa)

Jimmy Meeks, Lt Colonel Dave Grossman (ret.) and Carl Chinn

Jimmy Meeks, Lt Colonel Dave Grossman (ret.) and Carl Chinn

Violence is a problem in our country - and in our world. In 2015 many American cities reported an increase in violent crime. The truth is, very few institutions are exempt from the possibility of being a target of a violent crime.

At the Sheepdog Seminar we seek to awaken the protective instincts that reside in the hearts of all men (and many women). It is our firm conviction that violence will have its way unless certain people (we call them “Sheepdogs”) intervene.

These individuals place great value on human life, and because they do, they take the necessary steps to prevent others from being victimized by violence. They are the Sheepdogs: they love the Sheep, and will do whatever is necessary when the Wolf comes after the flock. The “flock” may be their …


  • family members ...

  • fellow church members ...

  • fellow employees ...

  • and the list goes on …

  • school administrators, principals, teachers (thousands of school personnel have attended)

Why they do what they do is not hard to explain: they are driven by the most powerful force in the all of the universe: LOVE.

AT THE SHEEPDOG SEMINAR, you will learn the steps that must be taken to decrease one’s chances of being victimized by violence.

  • YOU WILL LEARN about the escalation of violence occurring at houses of worship and faith-based property, and you will hear what you must start doing to protect your flock when gathered at a house of worship. In the media you have been told that there have been 12 to 13 “mass shootings” at houses of worship in the last few years. However, the truth is, over 800 people have died a violent death on church and faith-based property since 1999. And the means of death has not always been by gunfire: deaths have resulted from assaults, stabbings, and even vehicular homicide - all on faith based properties. HOWEVER…we are not merely a church security seminar. We address the “active shooter” scenario that can occur anywhere (malls, schools, theaters, etc)…


  • SEX CRIMES on church property are a serious problem in the United States. In the first decade of the present century, about 20 such crimes were reported every day of the week at a church. You will learn what you must do to decrease the chances of a sex crime at your house of worship. And the plan we present to impede the commission of sex crimes can be utilized anywhere, not just at faith-based property. Again, our presentation on the prevention of sex crimes is relevant for all organizations that are responsible for children and what means they must take to deter sex crimes. You will know what your organization must do to stop sex crimes after you attend this seminar!


PHOTO: New Life Church - December, 2007

  • YOU WILL BE walked through the details of the tragedy that struck New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2007. On a Sunday in December, an angry gunman arrived at the church. He had already murdered two people 80 miles north of Colorado Springs. Driven by hatred for people of faith, he shot several worshipers, and murdered two sisters. You will hear the lessons learned by the safety team at the church; what they did right, and what they did wrong.


  • YOU WILL LEARN what the basic ingredients of a Sheepdog are, based on a very old story that you thought you knew (but probably didn't).


  • LT. COL. DAVE GROSSMAN (ret.) will present his well-known message The Bullet Proof Mind. This series has been given to military and law-enforcement personnel from coast to coast, and now - thanks to the Sheepdog Seminars - can be heard by the civilian community.


  • Colonel Grossman’s message will awaken you to the reality of what we face as a country, and what we - as concerned individuals - must start doing if we would thwart the growing tide of violence - and protect those we love. Every single time Colonel Grossman has delivered his message, he has been given a standing ovation. His message will deal with violence that occurs everywhere: malls, theaters, schools, and all public places (and one’s own home).



We will certainly address the issue of violence at houses of worship. And if you bring your church safety team, you will be greatly helped as a result of what you hear. As a matter of fact, you will know what you MUST START DOING as a team if you would be faithful protectors of your flock. 

However… we are MUCH MORE than a "church safety seminar." The Sheepdog Seminar is for…

  • The FATHER whose children are in high school, or soon headed off to college. If he attends the seminar, and brings these older children, their own senses will be heightened in matters of safety, thus helping them to become more aware of their surroundings.

  • SINGLE MOMS will be greatly helped by attending the seminar. The single mom is a genuine hero. In her mind, the safety of her children is of utmost importance.

  • BUSINESS OWNERS are constantly victimized by violent crime. The Sheepdog Seminar will assist them in discovering the tools needed to protect their employees.

  • POLICE OFFICERS have attended the Sheepdog Seminar. It is not uncommon to see 80 officers or more in attendance. 2016 is starting off as a violent year for law-enforcement: 14 officers have been murdered in 2016 thus far as of March 31). Police officers are also given Certificates of Attendance, and in most states, granted continuing education credit for attending the Sheepdog Seminar.

  • EDUCATORS. Thousands of school personnel have heard Colonel Grossman’s message. He has presented to over 100 different colleges and universities worldwide, and has trained educators and law enforcement professionals, in the field of school safety, at the state and regional level, in all 50 states and over a dozen foreign nations.


The list of people who would be benefited by attending the seminar is endless. If you are concerned about violence, and have a heart that is protective of others - this seminar is for you.


"I’ve been a certified law enforcement officer for over 25 years now and short of the SWAT training I went through with Delta Force at Ft. Bragg, this has been by far some of the best training I’ve had the pleasure of attending." - (Rick)

"I am a...68-year old grandmother of six...The seminar, the CDs, and the printed material are like gold, and I thank you for them." (Patricia)





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