You can make a difference.

Let's end church violence today. 


We have excellent resources available in our store for you and your organization. These resources are there to help you build a safer community. 

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Tell your friends and family about how they can join the movement. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact!

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  • Tell your pastor and church staff 
  • Print the poster and and give it to others
  • Contact any media friends you have: ask them to do a story about the seminar
  • Advertise the seminar on your Facebook or website (or both!)
  • Contact anyone you know who has suffered the loss of a loved one: especially one who has lost someone to murder or a violent crime
  • Offer to pay for someone that may not be able to afford the attendance price
  • Invite anyone you know that has suffered grief for any reason whatsoever
  • Contact the chaplain of your police department
  • Contact the local newspaper