Live Sheepdog Webinar from Charleston

Jimmy Meeks vista with Carl Chinn and David Works. David was shot at New Life Church in Colorado Springs in 2007 - two of his precious daughters, Rachel and Stephanie were killed.

We conducted our very first live webinar on Thursday night, July 16. Click on the player to view the webinar.

CBN News:
Interview with Jimmy Meeks

Violence in Church More Frequent than You'd Expect

More than 550 people have died from violent incidents in a church or faith-based property since 1999, according to Sheepdog Seminars for Churches. 

KHOU News in Houston 

Program prepares churches for active shooters

Dave Grossman of Sheepdog Seminars talks with Glen Evans of Church Security Alliance about the growing need for church security and the church security ministry.


Sheepdog Seminars for Churches: Church Safety Kit

Dave Grossman, discusses training, and his EDC.


Clip from "Faith Under Fire" shown during Seminars



Excerpts from our Sheepdog Seminars


Irving Police are educating leaders and members about the threat of church violence and how to protect themselves.

Recently we conducted a Sheepdog Seminar in Alabama. We are grateful to a local TV Station, WKRG, for doing a story on violence at houses of worship. The coverage was in two parts. Click here for Part One - Click here for Part Two

Jimmy Meeks explains WHY you need to be concerned about church safety. Watch the clip from a church safety seminar (March 20 - Plano, Texas).


Law enforcement officials say church violence jumped more than 200 percent last year.

Five people were killed and ten others injured when Alvin Lee King III burst into First Baptist Church of Daingerfield, Texas and open fire, June 22, 1980. It's widely considered one of the first mass shootings inside a church. This video is a look back at the tragic day.