Wanna go on a Cruise with a bunch of sheepdogs?

Have you ever been on a cruise? I (Jimmy Meeks) took my first cruise in 2002 (I've been on two). I had no idea what to expect. But after the cruise, and on my way home, I was on the phone with my travel agent friend booking another one! I have never had so much fun in my life!

Here are the tentative details of the cruise

WHEN: September 2016

HOW LONG: 7 Days


WHERE DO WE LEAVE FROM AND WHERE DO WE GO? We will leave out of Galveston, Texas and cruise for 7 days! We will sail through the Caribbean, stopping (most likely) in Jamaica, Cozumel, and one other location.

WHAT SHIP WE WILL SAIL ON? We plan to take Royal Caribbean.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? The tickets are about $699.00 apiece (that's cheaper than it would be during the summer). Of course, there are other funds if you want to take excursions on the islands, and the tip for those who serve you on the boat is extra. 


GETTING TO GALVESTON: You would be responsible for getting to Galveston. The nearest International Airport would be in Houston. We would pick you up and bring you to the boat.

Sheepdog Seminars will not make money from this cruise. We just wanna take a vacation in the ocean...


We need to know how many of you would be interested, so, fill out the form below and we will stay in touch! YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION BY FILLING OUT THE FORM. WE ARE JUST GETTING AN IDEA OF WHO WANTS TO GO...

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