All of these violent incidents happened since January 26


Missouri, Friday 2/8/19. A police officer committed suicide while sitting in his vehicle in a church parking lot. 

Kentucky, Thursday 2/7/19. A man kidnapped a woman at gunpoint, forced her to an ATM withdrawal, then made her drive to a church parking lot where he got out while forcing her at gunpoint to remain still in her car as he escaped from the area.

California, Thursday 2/7/19. As a funeral was going on in a church, a man walked up to a mourner and shot him twice.

Florida, Wednesday 2/6/19. A student was arrested with a gun in a church school.

Indiana, Wednesday 2/6/19. Indiana, Wednesday 2/6/19. A woman who was having a mental breakdown in a church service died after attacking responding officers at the church.

North Carolina, Tuesday 2/5/19. Police were forced to shoot a man who was coming at them with a hammer in a church parking lot.

Indiana, Tuesday 2/5/19. Two young men attacked and shot another in the parking lot of a church about 6:30 in the morning.

Oklahoma, Monday 2/4/19. A law-enforcement bomb squad detonated a pipe bomb found outside of a church.

California, Thursday 1/31/19. A homeless lady was found dead on the porch of a church.

New York, Saturday 1/26/19. A man was shot and killed outside of a church.