Sheepdog Seminars is going to host a conference that will will be entitled New Covenant Cops. It will, most likely, be unlike anything you have ever heard. Its focus will be on “What a Christian Cop Looks Like.”

We want to show the Christian officer who he is and what he is capable of doing. If you want a greater understanding of WHO you are as a born again police officer, this seminar is for you.

All cops are welcome, regardless of whether or not they are Christian.



  • The seminar will cost about $35.00. (includes a workbook) …

  • Lunch will be included in the price …

  • The seminar will last about 4 1/2 hours …

  • The first seminar will take place in Texas.

Fill out the form below to be notified as to when the seminar will take place (sometime in 2019).


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