Here are some things you need to know about church security - things you must start doing THIS COMING SUNDAY!

1- Do you have cameras at your church? If you do, you MUST have someone assigned to monitoring them. They do you NO GOOD if no one mans them. You wasted your money if they are not monitored. They will do nothing but record a crime - they will not stop a killer! The killers at Columbine High School posed for the cameras.

2- You MUST have someone in the parking lot. YOU MUST! If you do not, you have failed to protect your first line of defense. If you allow them into the sanctuary, it will be sheer hell and chaos. The sounds of gunfire in the sanctuary will forever haunt the worshipers. Many will never return.


It may be too cold (or hot) to be outside in the parking lot. If you feel that way, you probably should not be on the safety team. Soldiers may complain about heat or cold; but they choose to disregard it and man their station. You must think likewise. THESE KILLERS ARE COMING VIA THE PARKING LOT.

3- You must be prepared to engage a would-be murderer IN THE PARKING LOT. In Texas you are allowed to now be armed and serve on the church safety team (Texas Senate Bill 2065).

Take note of suspicious activity while in the lot. Watch for any vehicle that pulls hastily into the lot and occupies two spaces or parks awkwardly. We know of attacks at church where the killer did indeed park awkwardly (this is called a DLR - "don't look right").

4- And you must TRAIN. If your team is not training, and does not intend to do so, you should probably disband and turn the reins over to someone who knows what needs to be done.

Yes, there is an element (a strong one) of spiritual warfare that comes into play. The scripture makes it clear that our archenemy is a "murderer" (John 8:44). And he has declared war on the saints.

On June 22, 1980, a man entered a sanctuary in east Texas during its morning worship services. He was armed with 4 weapons, 400 rounds of ammo, and wore an army helmet and vest. Just before he began to fire upon the more than 350 worshipers, he shouted, "This is War!"