A Praying Safety Team

A good church safety team is not only familiar with 
safety techniques. They are also a PRAYING TEAM...

Churches concerned with safety are moving in the right direction...

Their eyes have been opened, and for that we are grateful. This "opening of the eyes" is a necessary ingredient in the process of church safety. Becoming aware of the possibility of disaster, even when in public worship, is an absolute must.

But more is needed...

An effective safety team also recognizes the "spiritual side" of church safety. Staying "in touch" with a "Higher Power" who can help - who knows all things - is also necessary. And this is precisely why you must see church safety as a ministry - and not a "secular" matter. 

What you do on the safety team is as important as any other function in the church. As a matter of fact, your services contribute to everyone else's ability to carry on their ministry. You are protecting children and adults...so that they can learn more about the kingdom...

And because it is a ministry, the requirement of prayer is laid upon you as much as it is upon the minister!

Your safety team needs to spend time seeking the face of God. It may be that while doing so potential danger is revealed to you. This happened in the Bible time and time again...

Do you recall the story in Matthew 2 of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus? An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, and warned him in a dream that he was to take the child - Jesus - as well as his mother, and "flee to Egypt." The angel also told Joseph why he was to do this: "...Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him." 

Matthew also records a second time that an angel warned Joseph abut impending danger. These scriptures remind me of the absolute necessity for us to have our ears "tuned in" to heaven's frequency: for it is possible that God may warn you when someone of evil intent is headed toward your church.

Thus, you must be "prayerful," and in a "listening mode." What may be revealed to you by your Heavenly Father could very well save lives...

"An effective safety team also recognizes the 'spiritual side' of church safety."

Recall the story of Elisha's ability to hear the voice of God as recorded in 2 Kings 6. The enemy king of Israel, the king of Syria, often laid out his plans as to how he intended to attack Israel. 

On one occasion, he told his servants that he was going to a certain place to set up camp. After he did so, Elisha "heard about it" and warned the king of Israel. This caused great frustration to the Syrian king. He was puzzled that Elisha could learn of his plans, and suspected that one of his own servants was a traitor, telling Elisha all the secrets of the king. 

But that was not the case.

Finally, one of the Syrian king's servants set the king straight. "None of us are doing that, O King. The truth is, Elisha hears the words you speak - even when spoken in your bedroom!"

What was going on? The answer is simple - yet astounding. Elisha had such a relationship with God, that God chose to share His own heart with Elisha - and did so to protect His own people!

If you are on the safety team of your church you must understand the truth of Psalms 127:1 - "...unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." 

In this passage we are told that all of our efforts in church safety are not enough. THEY ARE NOT ENOUGH! 

It will take more. And that "more" is the leadership and guidance of Almighty God. It may well be that a disaster at your church is avoided simply because the Lord warned you and your team.

Pray, team, pray. The prayers of your safety team could actually thwart the intentions of someone who came to your church to harm your congregation. 

James was right, "the prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much...(James 5)."

“...we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat...”
— Nehemiah 4:9

Your church safety team is a ministry of your church as much as any other ministry that takes place at your church.You must have Nehemiah's attitude. 
You don't just POST GUARDS - you also PRAY! So think in terms of "POST and PRAY." Both are necessary...