We are constantly asked about what is necessary to host a Sheepdog Seminar. We have done our best to make this process as simple as possible. In light of that, here are some facts about what it takes to host a Sheepdog Seminar in your area.

In 2019 we are hoping to return to our 2-Day Sheepdog Seminar. We have found that attendance is much higher when a weekday is available to attendees. Our first seminar was on a Monday and Tuesday (700 in attendance). Recently, in Illinois, we conducted a Monday seminar and 400 showed up. We also recently held a seminar in Iowa on a Monday and Tuesday - and it was packed out (one of our best ever!).

We also like the Friday seminar. We start at 1:00 p.m, and go until 5:00 p.m. We resume at 7:00 p.m. and go until 9:00 p.m. The next day, Saturday, we can go from 8:00 - 12:00ish (Colonel Grossman). 

The 2-Day Seminar will feature addressing church-related violence the first day and Colonel Grossman's message The Bulletproof Mind the next.

  • WHAT IS THE COST? Beginning in 2019, we are asking churches (or the host venue) to contribute at least $2000 toward the seminar (this is not a requirement to host a seminar - only a request). This will assist with our expenses. The host does NOT need to come up with this amount by itself; there are many ways to raise these funds: vendors, etc. Contact us and we will tell you what other churches have done. This has been done with ease at several of our seminars.

  • Attendees of the seminar will preregister at this website.

  • You ARE asked to provide a location (church sanctuary, etc) that can hold several hundred people.

  • We do ask that your location/city is near a major airport.

  • You ARE asked to turn on the sound and computers (Power Point presentations) for Saturday's seminar.




Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 1.29.03 PM.png

You can also use the Sheepdog Seminar to raise money for your church, youth group, mission trips, etc.

1- Your church and Sheepdog Seminars come to an agreement on what it would cost to host the seminar. In other words, calculate the cost for the seminar. Calculation of cost is based on two things

  • Travel, lodging, food expenses

  • Speaker fee for each presenter

Any funds that come in for the seminar in excess of the agreed amount, are given to the church. For example, if the agreed cost to host is $5,000, and $10,000 comes in by way of registrations, then $5000 will remain with the church. Sheepdog Seminars will honor the agreement no matter how much excess money comes in. If the agreement is $5,000, and $45,000 comes in by way of registrations, vendor fees, etc - the church will profit $40,000.

If you’re interested in this type of seminar, text “fundraise” to 817.437.9693 - we will get back with you asap.


You ARE asked to advertise the event by any and all means possible: radio, TV, newspaper, social media. You are free to give our number to anyone with the press. We do interviews all the time.

  • We need a minimum of FIVE (5) tables for products.

  • Lunch details are up to you. We have found that it is best if attendees stay on the campus for lunch. Some places we have been have charged an additional 10 dollars for lunch, and using it, too, as a fundraiser. Food trucks are a great way to handle lunch.

  • Some churches have "coffee shops" and sell such products during the breaks. That is totally up to you and your church.



  1. We do ask that the churches reach out to the local police departments and help them attend the seminar. This is is how churches can help police: By helping them get training that can keep them alive. You might even consider purchasing some tickets that will go toward helping the local police attend the seminar (we’ve had churches do this).

  2. Colonel Grossman's presentation requires certain items, all of which are discussed on this page below. The host is responsible to obtain these items.

  3. The hosting venue must be willing to provide our team with transportation TO AND FROM the airport.

  • There is one very important thing we need the potential venues to understand: We will only come to locations where a TEAM OF PEOPLE are committed to the success of the seminar.   By this we mean a team of individuals who will focus on reaching different sectors of the population (police, churches, educators, etc). We will not participate in a seminar where one individual has to do all the work. If invited to a church, it is our sincere hope that the entire staff sees the utter importance of the seminar and is devoted to helping in whatever way they can. Pastoral support is absolutely necessary! 

We try to keep this as simple as possible. Our aim is to tackle the problem of violence. We are out to equip, inspire - fire up! - the Sheepdogs. 

Do NOT hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions. Call us at 817.437.9693. Or email us by filling out the form below...

Colonel Grossman does have some specific items that he will need for his presentation. Please do your best to have these things in place. We will show where to put them, etc, when we get there.


The notepads can be obtained at Office Depot and other such locations.

  • To begin with, he has to have TWO easels. They have to be sturdy, preferably like the ones in the photos to the right.

  • The easels must stay in place, and not move around when written on.

  • Also, please have at least TWO bags of sand (or rock salt) that can be placed at the bottom of the easels, which will insure their steadiness.

  • In the photos to the right, you see an example of the kind of easels he will need. It doesn't matter whether you use the top one or the one below it. He will not write on these dry erase boards, instead we will hang large notepads on them and he will write on the pads (he brings his own markers). He will discard each piece of paper when he finishes with it.

  • To the right, below the large dry erase board, you see the kind of paper he will need for the easels. We will need two of those. These notepads will be fastened to the easels (or dry erase board).

LEFT PHOTO : Carl Chinn giving his presentation, standing between the two easels that Colonel Grossman will use during his presentation. Two note pads are hanging from the easel, fastened from the top.


PLEASE NOTE: We MUST be able to control our computers FROM THE STAGE. Colonel Grossman will need to control his camera document reader FROM THE STAGE.


  • We will also need a screen upon which he can flash images (similar to the one in the photo to the right).

  • He will use a projector linked to his Camera Document Reader (see the photo below the screen picture - he brings his own camera document reader) that will flash the images on the screen.

  • NOTE: If you have the technology at your church to hook up his image camera directly to the projector at your church - that is sufficient. This means the wiring that would do so would be under your stage or nearby.

  • Colonel Grossman has his own Camera Document Reader.

Colonel Grossman's Camera Document Reader uses a  VGA  adapter and it can also use an  HDMI .  He plugs this device into his Camera Document Reader and the other end is mounted into the device that makes viewing on a screen possible. The CDR must be  near the stage where he is speaking .  In some venues, a 75 foot cord has been linked to his camera document reader and ran to the sound booth. In other venues the technology was near the stage and as a result, much easier.

Colonel Grossman's Camera Document Reader uses a VGA adapter and it can also use an HDMI.

He plugs this device into his Camera Document Reader and the other end is mounted into the device that makes viewing on a screen possible. The CDR must be near the stage where he is speaking.

In some venues, a 75 foot cord has been linked to his camera document reader and ran to the sound booth. In other venues the technology was near the stage and as a result, much easier.

CAMERA DOCUMENT READER (you do not need to provide this item).   The camera document reader uses a VGA adapter or an HDMI input.

CAMERA DOCUMENT READER (you do not need to provide this item). The camera document reader uses a VGA adapter or an HDMI input.

PLEASE NOTICE: Take note of the white table in front of the stage. Sitting on the table is the Camera Document Reader (i.e. "overhead projector").

In this setting, the VGA cord coming from the camera document reader (CDR) is joined to an outlet mounted under the stage, thus making the image of whatever is under the CDR flashed upon the screen.

Colonel Grossman must be able to manage the CDR from his location.

Some churches have used a VGA cord extension (ran all the way to the sound booth), while other churches had the technology in place near the stage.



  • We will also need a projector. He will hook the projector to the Camera Document Reader and the image will flash onto the screen.

  • One again, if you have the technology to hook the Camera Document Reader to the overhead projector your church uses, that will work. But it must be able to function from the stage where HE can control it.



  • Carl Chinn and Jimmy Meeks' presentation will require the use of Power Point.

  • A clicker we can use to advance the slides (we do NOT allow anyone to change the slides for us).


  • THE WEATHER. What is the weather usually like at the time of year you're considering hosting (ice, snow, etc)?

  • CHURCH SCHEDULE. Be sure and thoroughly check your church's schedule before picking a date.

  • TEAM EFFORT. Is your church staff on board with this? We do NOT want to come somewhere where we are not wanted. We are serious about thwarting violence. We have years and years of experience of dealing with violence; and we are absolutely heartbroken over it! And we hope YOU are, too. Thus, it is our hope that your church staff, like Jesus when He looked out over Jerusalem, have wept over your city.

  • LUNCH. What do you want to do about lunch? It is BEST if attendees STAY at the campus and not leave for lunch. Thus, you might want to consider charging for a lunch to be served at the campus. For example, we can have attendees prepay for a lunch to be brought in by someone (Chik Fila) or, as some churches have done, cook a meal that is a fundraiser event for a group at your church (the youth, for example).


  • It is requested that great effort is made to reach out to all local children's workers and youth directors. We will ask the church to take this matter very seriously and assign someone to assume this responsibility. Thousands of children are molested on church property and at church-related functions each year _ we are determined to help stop this!

Almost TWO DOZEN church-related SEX CRIMES are reported daily in the United States. Most of the time the victim is a child. Because of this, we have put forth great effort to invite Youth Directors and Children's Workers to this seminar. We have a session on this subject: and we will show you exactly what you must do to keep these crimes from happening at your church or a church related function. We plead - BEG - all such workers to attend the seminar. FIFTY PERCENT of these sex crimes are committed by a church volunteer: THIRTY PERCENT are committed by a MEMBER OF THE CHURCH STAFF.


You're bound to have more questions and concerns ABOUT THE SEMINAR. do NOT hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. A conference call with your church staff would be a great idea. our number is 817.437.9693