Hot Springs, AR Police Chief David Flory

How would you respond if a shooting occurred in your church? Are you prepared to treat the wounded? 
Chief David Flory specializes in this subject matter. His program will teach the members of your church how to treat the wounded with appropriate medical attention. The program he teaches has already saved numerous lives across the United States.

About Police Chief David Flory

Chief David Flory is a 34-year veteran officer of law enforcement.  He served for 31 years with the Bedford, Texas, Police Department, the last 12 as Police Chief, prior to his retirement in February 2011.  Upon retiring from Bedford Police Department, Chief Flory accepted the position of Police Chief for the City of Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he currently serves.

Chief Flory has served in a variety of positions and assignments in law enforcement to include patrol, K-9, investigations, training, narcotics, SWAT, and administration.  He has also served in a variety of law enforcement leadership positions to include vice president and president of the North Texas Police Chiefs Association, Texas Police Chiefs Association Recognition Program on-site inspector and member of the North Texas COG Academy Training Advisory Board. Chief Flory currently serves as the Southwest Regional Vice-President of the Arkansas Police Chief’s Association and is a committee member for both the model policy development team and the Arkansas Law Enforcement Accredidation Program.

Chief Flory has served on the Board of Directors for the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA) as a regional director and a training coordinator, and as an adjunct instructor in the Basic SWAT and Tactical Command and Decision Making Schools.  He continues to serve the TTPOA as a Training Advisory Board member. 

Having begun his public safety career as a Firefighter/Parmamedic Chief Flory has several years of experience as a nationally registered/licensed Paramedic. Flory has worked for a variety of EMS systems and currently works as a part-time Paramedic for LifeNet EMS which serves a large porition of Southwest Arkansas.  

With law enforcement and paramedic training and experience, Chief Flory serves 
as the TTPOA’s program manager for the Tactical Paramedic training program and the 
Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid (SABA) training program and, as an adjunct instructor for the ALERRT Level II medical training program.  Most recently, Flory served as a committee member for the BCCTPC helping write the test questions for military and civilian medics seeking national Tactical Medic Certification through the BCCTPC.  Chief Flory holds several state and national Tactical EMS certifications. 

Chief Flory is a frequent lecuturer and trainer in the area of Casualty Care/Self-Aid Buddy Aid and is part of the United States Justice Department’s VALOR Program instructional cadre. The VALOR Program is responsible for having provided officer safety/survival training to several thousand Law Enforcement Officers throughout the United States since 2010.

Chief Flory received his Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from Texas Wesleyan University and is a graduate of the 186th Session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy.