We are thrilled that you’re considering attending the Sheepdog Seminar. In light of that, please consider the following…

I know that most of those who attend are concerned about the “active shooter.” But did you know this? If you add up the number of people who have been shot at church in the last 100 years, that number would amount to about 700. The loss of one is tragic, however, 700, statistically speaking, is not a huge number when you consider that there are about 350,000 churches that meet every week.

The real threat to our congregations is the sex crimes.

It is the sex crimes that are shutting down churches, causing them to disband, and resulting in tons of lawsuits against those churches. Ask any church-insurer and they will tell you: sex crimes are the number one reason that churches are being sued.

By some accounts, there are somewhere between 3000 and 5000 reported sex crimes every year that took place on church or faith-based property (or a faith-based setting, such as a youth camp).

According to some research, about 20% of the people in your congregation are survivors of sex abuse (click here to read Billy Graham’s grandson talking about sex abuse in the church)

In light of this, we are appealing to every church staff to send the youth directors and children’s workers to the Sheepdog Seminar. We will show you …….

  • How these crimes are happening

  • What you must do to decrease the chances of these crimes occurring on your property or church-related setting.

Recent revelations have shown that sex crimes are in all the churches, and not confined to any denomination. I could fill page after page, showing you these horrible stories.

I know of one church where a pedophile was arrested for having committed sex crimes at a church. According to the investigating officer, he broke down and confessed that he had committed the crimes. He then went on to say that he went to the church because, “I knew they would give me access to the children…”

Please, pastor, tell your youth workers and other staff personnel to attend this seminar.

The worst effect of these crimes are not the lawsuits or the closing down of the churches. No! The worst effect is the trauma suffered by the children – and all the victims – who will spend years and years trying to recover from being violated.

One more thing…


Here are a few examples of recent violence that occurred on church or faith-based property:

Missouri, Friday 2/8/19. A police officer committed suicide while sitting in his vehicle in a church parking lot. 

Kentucky, Thursday 2/7/19. A man kidnapped a woman at gunpoint, forced her to an ATM withdrawal, then made her drive to a church parking lot where he got out while forcing her at gunpoint to remain still in her car as he escaped from the area.

California, Thursday 2/7/19. As a funeral was going on in a church, a man walked up to a mourner and shot him twice.

Florida, Wednesday 2/6/19. A student was arrested with a gun in a church school.

Indiana, Wednesday 2/6/19. A woman who was having a mental breakdown in a church service died after attacking responding officers at the church.

North Carolina, Tuesday 2/5/19. Police were forced to shoot a man who was coming at them with a hammer in a church parking lot.

Indiana, Tuesday 2/5/19. Two young men attacked and shot another in the parking lot of a church about 6:30 in the morning.

Oklahoma, Monday 2/4/19. A law-enforcement bomb squad detonated a pipe bomb found outside of a church.

California, Thursday 1/31/19. A homeless lady was found dead on the porch of a church.

New York, Saturday 1/26/19. A man was shot and killed outside of a church.