A Live Webinar Just For Your Church

Our live webinar training is the way to go! Instead of bringing us to your church, which usually cost hundreds (if not several thousands) of dollars, we can do the live webinar for about $1,000. For that amount, you will receive:

  • A live 4 to 5 hour session covering topics that you need to understand
    • Verbal De-escalation
    • Clues demonstrated by those who intend to harm
    • Prevention of Sex Crimes (this is so vitally important, and is a much bigger threat than an active shooter).
    • What to do on Sunday morning (where to station your team, etc)
    • And so much more. As a matter of fact, in the live webinar (which we can do by Skype and other technological means) we can have interaction.
  • You will also receive The Church Safety Kit (see info to the right)
  • You will also receive the The award-winning movie Faith Under Fire (and the license to show it at your church).
  • These items are included in the webinar (fill out form below)


The Complete Church Security Training System is your ultimate Safety Preparedness resource.

It contains every training bundle that Sheepdog Church Security has to offer, with an unbeatable price to assist churches with limited resources.

With this comprehensive training system, you will be guided through the process of setting up your Safety Ministry, finding the right staff and volunteers, assessing the security needs of your unique church and training your team on the various threats to the safety of church property, assets and people.

Each training presentation is fully customizable to allow modifications in accordance to your churches specific size, setting and policies.

 They also contain instructor notes, and other helpful resources like forms, cheat sheets and example policies.


If you're interested in a live webinar for your church, fill out the form below and we will get back with you.

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