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JUST RELEASED! Extended Sheepdog Seminars Series
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Parts 1 and 2 of this 5 DVD set were recorded live in Charleston, SC on August 28, 2015. 

Parts 1 & 2 offer Jimmy Meeks and Carl Chinn. It also includes a session with David Works who was shot at the New Life Tragedy in Colorado along with his 2 daughters and Cheryl Hendrick who lost her daughter in the Daingerfield tragedy. Cheryl is featured in the multi-award winning film "Faith Under Fire." Faith Under Fire is the story of the mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Daingerfield, TX in 1980.

Part 3 is a full 6 hour teaching by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman on the Bulletproof Mind. This exclusive full day program is no longer offered at our seminars. It was recorded live in Weatherford, TX.

11 Hours of Teaching included

ORDER your copy today! The special  price ends September 14.

Now the seminar can come to you.

Jimmy Meeks' presentation will convince you that protecting the flock is a must, and scripture will confirm this. 

Carl Chinn will walk you through the steps of what occurred at the New Life Church Tragedy in Colorado Springs (2007). 

And Colonel Grossman will do what he does best - "bulletproof" your mind. 

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Sheepdog Seminar DVD with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
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Hundreds of people have attended the Sheepdog Seminars for Churches. The seminars have been led by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman (ret.), Church Safety Expert Carl Chinn, and 33-year police officer and minister Jimmy Meeks. Now the seminar can come to you. Jimmy Meeks' presentation will convince you that protecting the flock is a must, and scripture will confirm this. Carl Chinn will walk you through the steps of what occurred at the New Life Church Tragedy in Colorado Springs (2007). And Colonel Grossman will do what he does best - help "bulletproof" your mind. 

Violence at Houses of Worship was not a topic of conversation 20 years ago. Such places were considered off limits, even by those prone to violence. But that has all changed. Since 1999, over 480 people have died a violent death while on church or faith-based property in the US. In 2013 alone, a violent death occurred on such property every 8 days: a deadly force incident took place ever 3 days. In addition, thousands of sex crimes have occurred in church-related scenarios.

What others are saying: 

"It was an awesome experience. I was either inspired or being convicted at any given moment, and I felt that I had my money’s worth by noon the first day (Mike) 

"The Seminar was more then I expected. Lot's of great material and very intense. I have been talking to everyone about the experience and can't quit thinking about it.  I am already taking steps to apply the Sheepdog Ministry at my church". (David)

"Thank you! All the speakers were great.. All had very useful and important information. Carl Chinn cleared up many things about the New Life Church shooting...Col Grossman is the legend. His information on past and future events are critical for any individual or organization (John)

"It was a wealth of information that will help us do the work that God has called us to do in keeping His people safe." (Steve)

“Thank you for putting together this seminar as it was absolutely fantastic!  Honestly, "Thanks" just doesn't seem to truly tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. I learned a lot and will be implementing much of what I learned into my security team and personal life." (Steve)

"I am a...68-year old grandmother of six...The seminar, the CDs, and the printed material are like gold, and I thank you for them." (Patricia)

"I had a wonderful experience at your seminar; just incredible.  I’ll be back next year and hopefully so will the rest of our team." (Steven)

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Church Safety Kit
159.00 179.00

Whether you are in the beginning stages of building your safety team or just looking for ways to improve your team, our Church Safety Kit is for you. This Safety Kit offers you and your team the tools and knowledge needed to protect your church. 

Jimmy Meeks has been a Police Officer for 32 years and and Minister for 40 years. He presents a detailed explanation in this 2 hour DVD presentation on WHY we should be concerned about the need for safety. This presentation is based upon scripture and offers WHAT kind of plan we can initiate to increase the safety factor for our congregations.

Getting started is the most difficult part and Jimmy will give you step by step instructions on doing just that.

What is in the Church Safety Kit

  • A 2 Hour DVD Presentation with Police Officer Jimmy Meeks
  • A handbook detailing:
    • How to get your safety team started
    • Understanding The Crime Triangle
    • Protecting The Pastor
    • Resources for church safety and more
  • Laminated “10 Steps To Safety” Cards for your team
  • Sheepdog Notebook
  • Ongoing access to Officer Meeks to discuss questions & safety concerns

Bonus DVD :  An interview with Carl Chinn, the man the Washington Post calls the #1 expert on church safety stats. Carl was held hostage at Focus on the Family in Colorado and stood face to face with a gunman at New Life Church as well.

Plus: A 1 hour interview recorded in Charleston, SC, where Jimmy Meeks and  Carl Chinn talk with David Works and Cheryl Hendrick. David and his family were victims of the mass shooting at New Life Church in Colorado and Cheryl survived the shooting in Daingerfield, TX, at First Baptist Church. Both David and Cheryl lost daughters in these massacres.

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"Faith Under Fire" 2 DVD set (Bonus Material included)
15.99 19.99

"Only 3 movies have made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, Saving Private Ryan, American Sniper, and Faith Under Fire." Joel, federal law enforcement official

Watch the Trailer Here

The true story of a community's struggle with loss and devastation after a former school teacher opens fire during a church service on a Sunday morning in East Texas in 1980. Thirty years after that tragic day, survivors share their journey to live with trauma that few experience. With candor and vulnerability they open up about revenge, loss of faith, pain of loss, forgiveness, and the way they relive that day every time we experience a public shooting today. 

With honesty and transparency they share their feelings on the questions  "Why did God allow this to happen?" and "Can we trust Him again?"  They remember the moments four valiant men raced into the face of bullets with no thought of their own lives, making a way for 350 people to fulfill their lives.

The wife and daughter of the murderer also reveal family secrets that led to the massacre.

"Faith Under Fire" tells the story of that day more accurately and clearly than any of us could have imagined. I believe this film will become known as one of the great inspirational films of our time. I believe Faith Under Fire is a "must see" for people everywhere -- people of faith, people seeking faith, and people hurting in their faith."  Dr. Tim Wade, pastor First Baptist Church Daingerfield, Texas.

"5 stars It is really moving and well done. Tremendous work on the story and on the shooting of the film. It is an amazing story and film. Worth many watches." Joy, College Student, Dallas, Texas

*Vistors from Germany, Ireland and UK can view the preview directly by clicking here.

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